Wesley's Story

Wesley James ... how did it start ?

Wesley James started from an idea, an idea of how I view Fashion and clothing.

Wanting to express myself through something creative, my love for style and seeing how so many companies weren't concerned with how their products are being made, brought me to start what is now Wesley James Label.

As we change through our lives as people, our sense of style and fashion changes with us, Wesley James Label was created to do just that. 

By releasing limited collections of styles that may or may not be reproduced. Being able to be creative by not becoming stagnate and always having something new and fresh. 

With each release we are limiting the amount of products that come with each style to also reduce the impact on the environment as well as less waste from cutoffs, using recycled material if possible and the removal of plastics in products and shipping.

By becoming Ethically conscious & caring more about the environment when it comes to having these products made it shows that our fashion can be done this way and not be overly priced as it once was.

I hope to continue growing Wesley James in only positive ways, and cant wait to have you all along for the journey.

Thank you,